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How can medical chillers solve high temperature problems?

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How can medical chillers solve high temperature problems?

In general, there are two main types of high temperature alarms for GX/GY -65°C ~ -10°C Industrial Refrigerators: room temperature ultra-high alarm and water temperature ultra-high alarm. If the E2 code is displayed on the temperature controller panel, it is a room temperature ultra-high alarm; If the display is E2 code, it indicates an alarm for excessive water temperature.

How to solve high temperature in medical refrigerators?

1. The cooling capacity of the supporting medical refrigeration mechanism is insufficient.

In winter, the ambient temperature is low and the cooling effect is good. However, in summer, the ambient temperature increases, which affects the normal heat dissipation of medical refrigerators and leads to insufficient cooling capacity of medical refrigerators, making it difficult to effectively control the temperature of the cooling equipment. Wenhui recommends that you replace the medical refrigerator with a larger refrigeration capacity.

2. Medical refrigerators accumulate dust, which affects the heat dissipation effect.

Due to the fact that the dust screen and condenser fins of the medical refrigerator are prone to adsorbing dust and debris during operation, if not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the heat dissipation performance of the medical refrigerator. In winter, the low ambient temperature has no significant impact on heat dissipation. When summer approaches, the increase in ambient temperature greatly reduces the heat dissipation effect of medical refrigerators, resulting in insufficient cooling capacity of medical refrigerators.

Users can solve the problem of high temperature alarm in medical refrigerators by cleaning the dust on the condenser of the refrigerator and removing and washing the dust screen.

3. The air outlet and inlet are not smooth.

The unsmooth air outlet and inlet affect the heat dissipation of the medical refrigerator, resulting in insufficient cooling capacity of the medical refrigerator and causing a high temperature alarm during operation. Therefore, when the medical refrigerator is working, it is necessary to ensure that the air outlet and inlet are unobstructed.

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