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How often do air cooled industrial chiller need to be cleaned?

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How often do air cooled industrial chiller need to be cleaned?


1. Under normal circumstances: once every six months or once a year


Under normal circumstances, when using LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, in order to maintain safe and stable operation, a comprehensive cleaning of the air-cooled industrial refrigerator is required after six months or one year of use. Especially for areas prone to dirt that need to be cleaned as a key point, relying on various professional cleaning solvents to achieve better cleaning results and maintain higher heat dissipation performance of handheld air-cooled industrial refrigerators.


2. Frequent use: about once every three months


The wear and tear of any machine is determined by its working intensity and time. If air-cooled industrial refrigerators are used frequently and in harsh environments, in order to reduce the probability of various malfunctions in air-cooled industrial refrigerators, the cleaning time can be shortened to once every three months. As long as there are issues such as increased energy consumption, comprehensive cleaning and maintenance can be carried out for air-cooled industrial refrigerators.


Firstly, it is necessary to know the cleaning area.


Discussion on the cleaning methods and cycles of air-cooled industrial refrigerators


Secondly, it is necessary to know which parts are not needed and cannot be cleaned.


Furthermore, it is necessary to use suitable cleaning agents.


The removal and cleaning of water moss and other substances can be achieved by using specialized agents to remove and suppress water moss, while ensuring the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and preventing impurities and foreign objects from entering the cooling water system.


It should be noted that the environmental temperature and water quality also have a significant impact on the cleaning of air-cooled industrial refrigerators. If the environmental temperature is high, the load of air-cooled industrial refrigerators may be relatively high, and the cleaning frequency of the entire system should also become higher.


In addition to scale, air-cooled industrial refrigerators may also exhibit rust. The agents used to remove scale and rust are not the same, and corresponding agents should be selected based on actual conditions to remove scale and rust.


Attention should also be paid to corrosion prevention. Some formulations have certain corrosion side effects on air-cooled industrial refrigerators, and attention should be paid to them.

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