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What is the reason why an industrial water chiller machine does not cool or alarm?

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What is the reason why an industrial water chiller machine does not cool or alarm?

Reasons and treatment methods for non cooling of industrial chillers:

1. The dust screen is blocked, which affects the air volume of the air inlet.

The dustproof net plays a role in filtering dust and particles in LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, with the aim of reducing or eliminating the possibility of impurities entering the refrigeration system. When the filter screen is blocked, dust will gradually accumulate on the condenser, affecting the heat dissipation of the chassis. Over time, it will directly affect the cooling effect of the chiller. In severe cases, it can directly cause the equipment to become unusable and completely unable to cool. So it is necessary to regularly check and clean, and it is recommended to clean it every 40 days, which also helps to extend the service life of industrial chillers.

2. The water quality contains impurities, which can easily cause blockage in the plate exchange.

Excessive impurities in tap water can adhere to the inner wall of the water pipe, which can easily lead to insufficient water supply and affect the cooling effect. Therefore, in general, it is recommended to use pure water as the circulating medium for chillers and regularly replace the water quality of the chiller to ensure the normal operation of industrial chillers.

3. Insufficient circulating medium (water/ethylene glycol).

When the internal cooling medium content of industrial chillers is too low, it can cause difficulties in the water circulation of the equipment, and the heat generated by the cooling equipment cannot be taken away in a timely manner. Due to long-term water shortage, it is possible to burn out the water pump and greatly reduce the cooling effect. Therefore, we should regularly check the coolant content to see if the liquid level remains between high and low. When the coolant is too low, we should add the corresponding coolant in a timely manner.

4. The power supply voltage is too low, or the power of the refrigeration equipment is insufficient.

Check the power supply requirements of the machine, and then check if the power supply voltage meets the requirements. If it is normal, it is possible that the power of the industrial chiller is low. Consider whether to replace it with a high-power one.

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