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EV Charging Stations


EV Charging Stations


With the development of the automobile industry, the market share of new energy vehicles continues to rise. These new energy vehicles include pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and so on. Charging is a very important link for the use of these vehicles. And as charging proceeds, both the battery and the charging device will generate a large amount of heat. This requires an effective solution to develop charging cooling systems for EV charging stations.


EV Charging Stations Cooling Technology And Solutions

First, let’s analyze the heat generated by the battery and charging equipment during charging. When charging, there is a certain resistance inside the battery, and a small amount of heat is generated through these resistances during charging. In addition, the chemical reactions inside the battery also generate heat. During the charging process, the battery will undergo internal charge and discharge reactions, resulting in heat generation. Charging equipment also generates heat due to changes in current and voltage. Sometimes even the charging equipment will be damaged due to the high charging temperature.


EV Charging Stations


Next, let’s look at cooling solutions for electric vehicle charging stations. It can be mainly divided into the following two types:

1. Air cooling scheme

The air is used to cool new energy vehicle batteries and charging stations. The advantages of this solution include low cost, easy installation and maintenance and so on. In addition, air cooling is environmentally friendly as it does not require the use of any coolant. However, the performance of air cooling is lower than that of liquid cooling, and the high efficiency of liquid cooling cannot be achieved.

2. Liquid cooling scheme

The liquid is used to cool new energy vehicle batteries and charging stations. Liquid cooling solutions typically use coolants such as water and glycol mixtures. Liquid cooling systems can provide higher cooling efficiency because liquid cooling has a greater heat capacity than air cooling. In addition, the liquid cooling system can also be adjusted according to needs, so as to achieve the best cooling effect. However, the downside of liquid cooling solutions is that they are more expensive and require more complex installation and maintenance.

In addition to the above two solutions, there is also a hybrid solution. Often air cooling and liquid cooling are combined. In this hybrid solution, the heat in the battery and charging station that is cooled by air is often sent to the liquid cooling system for further cooling.

For different charging systems of new energy vehicles, we can adopt different cooling schemes. For example, a system with water cooling mode can do a better job of cooling the battery, thereby extending its lifespan. At the same time, it will also provide better protection for high-speed charging and long-term driving of electric vehicles.

Overall, EV charging cooling solutions are very important to prolong battery and charging station life, improve charging efficiency, and reduce damage due to overheating. In the future, with the continuous advancement and innovation of technology, we believe that more and more efficient charge cooling technologies will be applied to the field of new energy vehicles.


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