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Engine Bench Test Chiller

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Engine Bench Test Chiller


First, the main parameters of the engine bench test chiller:

Cooling water flow: (optional)1-300L/min control accuracy ±0.2L/min

Cooling water pressure: 0-6bar control accuracy 0.1bar

Water temperature control range: -40~120℃, temperature control accuracy ±0.1℃.

Second, the main functions of engine bench test chiller:

1. Number of circuits: 1 independent control circuit (can independently control water temperature, pressure, flow, etc.), the capacity of the water tank meets the requirements of pipeline and motor capacity.

2. Protection and alarm function:

Overvoltage alarm and protection, low flow alarm, over temperature alarm, self-cooling system alarm, all relevant parameters can be set through the panel.

3. Set up a leak-proof chassis. After the water level of the chassis reaches the set value, the system can automatically drain and alarm.

4. The system can set pressure, temperature, and flow rate with an accuracy of 0.2%. The upper computer is used to communicate with pressure and flow meters (digital display), and the test software records flow, temperature, and pressure curves and data. Use PC software to control and record flow, temperature and pressure parameters.

lts water chiller

5. Control function:

-Manual control

It can be manually controlled through the control panel, and the outlet pressure, temperature and flow can be precisely controlled. The control accuracy is 0.1bar, 0.1℃ and 0.1L/min respectively, and the range of each parameter meets the above requirements;

– PC software control

The parameters of the cooling system can be set and controlled through the host computer control software. The function is equivalent to the manual control panel, using Ethernet communication; it has the function of error reporting, prompt code and reset function. The panel and host computer control must be compatible with the control and protection of auxiliary facilities of the cooling system. .

– Test software communication

The test software can collect the corresponding parameters and curves (flow, pressure, temperature) of the test module to generate independent cooling

Water parameter report, using Ethernet communication;

Lubricating oil temperature control system – dynamometer temperature control system.


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