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Why does the power of a 5 ton water chiller decrease?

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Why does the power of a 5 ton water chiller decrease?

1. Reduced unit operating power

The decrease in operating power of the unit will directly lead to a decrease in power. When we use a LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, we need to consume a certain amount of power. If the power does not meet the rated requirements, the overall operating effect of the unit will be poor.


2. Faulty or aged accessories

We know that there are many accessories inside the 5-ton chiller, some of which are the main source of power for the unit. Once these accessories are damaged or aged, it will inevitably cause a decrease in power for the unit. At this time, the enterprise needs to carefully investigate and replace the faulty accessories to restore normal operating power.

3. Unreasonable installation


Before using the 5-ton chiller, the installation personnel did not complete the installation work as required, which affected the safety of the equipment when it was stuck in operation. Without timely adjustment, the energy consumption of the unit would increase, resulting in insufficient power.

Measures to address the decline in power:

When dealing with the power drop failure of the 5-ton chiller, it is necessary to first stop the operation of the 5-ton chiller equipment, then detect the cause of the equipment failure, and complete the maintenance of the 5-ton chiller based on the specific reason to avoid the failure threatening the stable operation of the 5-ton chiller.


If various faults occur in the 5-ton chiller, it is necessary to promptly handle them when using the 5-ton chiller. Any incorrect handling method will endanger the service life of the equipment. When the power of a 5-ton chiller unit decreases, enterprises need to calmly respond and replace accessories in a timely manner to completely solve various faults.

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