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Constant Temperature Industrial Water Chiller

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Constant Temperature Industrial Water Chiller


In the industrial production process, many occasions need to provide cooling water with a constant temperature. The traditional practice is to integrate refrigeration equipment with boilers that produce hot water, or industrial refrigeration equipment with thermal water heaters. This method is relatively complicated, has high cost, occupies a large area, and is not energy-efficient, and also has great limitations in maintenance and maintenance.

The constant temperature industrial chiller returns to the evaporator through the evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve connected in sequence through the pipeline, and the evaporator is also connected to the electric heater through the pipeline.

1. The evaporator is of plate type and shell and tube type.

2. The condenser is plate type, shell and tube type, fin type or sleeve type.

3. The expansion valve is a thermal expansion valve, an electronic expansion valve or a capillary tube.

4. The electric heater is of shell and tube type.

The constant temperature industrial chiller is connected to the electric heater on the evaporator, and the chilled water flows into the controller. When the water temperature is higher than the set value, the electric heater is powered off, and the equipment heats the water to the set temperature. The energy utilization is improved, there is no combustion and emission pollution, which is beneficial to environmental protection, and the structure is compact, which can meet the needs of users for various water temperatures and reduce the cost of equipment purchase. At the same time, the space occupied by the equipment is also reduced, and the temperature of the chilled water is constant and the fluctuation is small, and the maintenance of the entire chiller is more convenient.

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