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What are the Reasons for the Alarm of the Chiller?

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What are the Reasons for the Alarm of the Chiller?


There are many kinds of alarms in the chiller, one is the light alarm, and the other is the sound alarm. In addition, the code alarm also belongs to the alarm category.

According to the different production designs of chiller manufacturers, the alarm reminder methods caused by the same problem are also different, but whether it is a red light alarm or a sound or code alarm, they all belong to the category of alarms and should be paid attention to. Let’s explain in detail below. a bit.

The most common is the high and low pressure alarm. The high pressure alarm is basically caused by problems such as overheating or insufficient cooling. Users only need to check and solve the problem from the root cause.

Including insufficient refrigerant volume or cooling water volume (water-cooled chiller cooling water tower and water pump, pipeline), refrigerant leakage or pipeline blockage, impurities and foreign matter cause problems such as low flow and slow flow rate in the chiller system, and finally lead to equipment alarms and failures.

There are many reasons for the low pressure alarm, which is caused by too much refrigerant filling or related problems. When low pressure or high pressure alarm, the alarm time is short or the alarm only exists for a few seconds when the machine is turned on, so don’t pay attention. Whether it is a high pressure or low pressure alarm, the compressor and the entire chiller system may operate normally, but when the problem is solved, it should be stopped for investigation.

In addition to the obvious alarms, when a fault occurs, depending on the type of the machine, the fault source can also be queried through the fault query function. When a fault occurs, the fault query button will flash to alarm, and the user presses the fault query button to enter the fault query interface to query specific faults. If the fault will affect the safe operation of the equipment, it will automatically stop.

The chillers produced by chiller manufacturers have various alarms and faults. What is the root cause?

The technicians of the chiller manufacturer believe that, in addition to the quality of the chiller itself, whether the user can regularly maintain the chiller according to the manufacturer’s requirements when using the chiller, and whether it can deal with the fault and alarm in time, is also related to the failure of the chiller. rate and alarm rate. It is generally believed that the chiller that meets the factory standards has a very low probability of problems in the first few years of use. If there is any problem, please contact the manufacturer to solve it in time, and do not repair it without authorization.

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