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Battery Pack Cooling Water Machine Chiller

ClassificationNEWS 318

With the upgrading of national industries, there are mandatory requirements for products from all walks of life. Especially in new energy vehicles, motors, electronic control, batteries, electronic aerospace industries, guide enterprises to enter into technological and cutting-edge products. This requires continuous verification of the reliability of related materials, components, functional units and systems through various simulation experiments. Correspondingly, there will be a relatively large increase in the use of product testing equipment, which will also lead to the reform of the testing process. In order to simulate a wider temperature range, rapid temperature changes, higher temperature stability, and ensure the repeatability of experimental conditions, a higher standard temperature control system is required. The liquid energy temperature function system is a rapid cooling detection equipment produced in this environment.

water chiller

First, the introduction of Battery Pack Cooling Water Machine Chiller

Battery Pack Cooling Water Machine Chiller is to heat up and cool down the test piece by passing liquid through the liquid energy unit. Since the liquid directly exchanges heat with the test piece, the heat exchange efficiency is high, and the time to reach the temperature of the test piece is fast, so the liquid energy system can greatly speed up the test cycle. The liquid energy unit has rapid heat exchange capability and controllable pressure and flow rate. For the heat exchange capacity of the heat exchange flow channel of the tested part in the actual application process, the reliability of different temperature of the system flow channel, and the limit of the system flow channel The ability to run can be tested. At the same time, the liquid energy system can be used with other testing equipment at the same time to test the reliability of the actual operating environment of the tested part, avoiding the early test of the external environment and kinetic energy after the test part is not internally tested during the actual operation. Instability caused by testing.

Battery Pack Cooling Water Machine Chiller can carry out corresponding constant temperature test, constant pressure test, constant current test and temperature slope test according to different test purposes. If there is flow channel reliability test, the customized system can support high-pressure liquid test under the premise that the corresponding temperature and flow rate are satisfied. At the same time, the system supports customization to meet variable pressure test and variable flow test (the external support function of pressure priority or flow priority in the characteristic area of mixed heat liquid).

In terms of pressure processing, the hydraulic energy system must meet the basic conditions for operation below the design pressure of the tested part (except for the flow channel reliable pressure test item), and at the same time have a pressure warning function and a pressure alarm function to prevent damage to the tested part.

The flow processing of the hydraulic energy system must meet the basic conditions of the design flow operation of the DUT.

Second, a brief introduction to Battery Pack Cooling Water Machine Chiller

The complete system includes the following functional modules

Cooling System

Thermal system

Liquid supply system

Central control system and protection device

Third, the application scenarios of liquid energy system construction:

Battery Pack Cooling Water Machine Chiller is mainly used in the following fields in electric vehicle testing:

Liquid-cooled power battery and its management system: liquid-cooled tests for the design and development of power battery cells/modules/systems (battery packs), battery management systems, and heat sinks.

Micro motor: sunroof/side window/wiper.

Drive motor (MOTOR): single motor/dual motor/three motors/four motors/powertrain.

Drive motor controller (MCU): passenger car MCU/commercial vehicle MCU.

Charging pile: AC charging pile/DC charging pile/charging interface/charging cable.

Vehicle: OBC/DCDC.

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