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Temperature Control System for Reactor

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Temperature Control System for Reactor


The temperature control system for reactor is a very important part of the chemical reaction process. By controlling the temperature in the reactor, the quality and safety of the chemical reaction can be guaranteed.

First, the principle of temperature control system for reactor

The principle of the temperature control system for reactor is mainly to control the temperature in the reactor through the cooperation of the electric heating element and the controller. The heating methods of the reactor generally include external heat source Poisson heating, internal pipeline circulating oil heating, etc. Different heating methods will have different controls. The controller can monitor the internal temperature of the reactor in real time through the sensor, and then adjust the heating element according to the set temperature value to achieve the purpose of temperature control.

reactor temperature control unit

Second, the implementation method

The implementation methods of temperature control system for reactor are generally divided into two types: traditional control methods and modern control methods.

1. Traditional control method: This control method mainly controls the temperature in the reactor through the PID controller. PID controller is a commonly used automatic control method. It compares the gap between the target value and the actual value, and then adjusts the output value of the controller to achieve the control goal. This method can achieve more precise temperature control, but it does not have the characteristics of intelligent regulation.

2. Modern control method: This method mainly realizes the temperature control of the reactor through the PLC+touch screen control system. PLC is a programmable logic controller with an open structure that can easily implement different control algorithms. The touch screen control system can intuitively display the temperature change of the reactor, and at the same time, it can also realize functions such as intelligent control of the Internet of Things through the cloud platform, which improves the intelligence and operability of the control system.

Third, frequently asked questions

Common problems in temperature control system for reactor mainly include the following aspects:

1. Sensor failure: The sensor is an important component for measuring the temperature of the reactor. Once a failure occurs, it will lead to incorrect adjustment of the control system. Therefore, the requirements for the quality and service life of the sensor are relatively high.

2. Control algorithm problem: The PID control algorithm needs to be selected according to different reaction processes. If the selection is wrong, the temperature control error will be relatively large. Therefore, detailed research and testing are required for application.

3. Power supply problem: The reactor temperature control system needs power supply. If the power supply is unstable or there are problems such as power supply noise, the control system will fail.

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