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Applications of Laboratory Water Chiller

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The laboratory chiller is a refrigeration device that is used in many places and can be used in modern production and university laboratories. For first-time users, how to distinguish between various types of laboratory chillers is not an easy task.

The concept of laboratory chiller:

The laboratory chiller is an energy-saving machine that achieves cooling effect through vapor compression or absorption cycle. Laboratory chillers are also called cooling water circulation machines, refrigeration units, cooling equipment, ice water machines, etc., because they are widely used in various industries, so there are countless aliases.

cooling methods of the energy storage system

Application of laboratory chiller:

Chemical and biological fields: hydrogen and oxygen analyzers, rotary evaporators, CCDs, biological fermenters, chemical reactors (synthesizers), etc.

Materials field: graphite furnace atomic absorption, plasma spectrometer (ICP) vacuum coating electron microscope, X-ray diffractometer, X-ray fluorescence diffractometer, vacuum furnace, coating machine, ICP etching, various semiconductor equipment, fatigue testing machine, ion thinning Instruments, ion beam epitaxy equipment, vapor phase epitaxy equipment, chemical deposition systems, atomic deposition systems, etc.

Physical field: lasers (various models), magnetic fields, superconductivity, cryogenic probes, various molecular pumps, and various water-cooled equipment used in the field of materials.

Medical equipment: nuclear magnetic resonance, superconducting magnetic resonance, linear accelerator, CT, X-ray machine.

Widely used in university physics, materials, chemistry, biology, medicine and other colleges and research institutions, as well as research and development centers and so on.

Classification of laboratory chillers:

1. Air-cooled laboratory chiller

Contains water tank and water pump, no need for cooling tower to dissipate heat. Easy to install and move. But it has high requirements on the environment. First of all, because it is cooled by hot air circulation, if the ventilation effect of the installation workshop is not good, it will directly affect the cooling effect of the laboratory chiller. In addition, if you want to put the laboratory chiller in a clean room with humidity requirements, a lot of water vapor will be generated on the top of the machine.

2. Water-cooled laboratory chiller

It is divided into box-type laboratory chillers, sealed (some are called open laboratory chillers) and screw-type laboratory chillers. The water-cooled laboratory chiller must be equipped with a cooling tower and a water pump in order to achieve a better cooling effect.

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