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How to handle motor overload of water cooled water chiller?

Reasons and solutions for motor overload:

1. If there is too much refrigerant in the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, which leads to overload, it is necessary to immediately discharge the excess refrigerant.

2. If there is a mismatch when selecting a thermal relay, it is necessary to purchase a suitable thermal relay and set new parameters.

3. The selection of water-cooled chillers is too small, resulting in ineffective results. Therefore, it is necessary to replace them with higher power screw chillers.

4. If the compressor is damaged, resulting in overload, it is necessary to contact the purchasing manufacturer in a timely manner to resolve the compressor damage situation.

Reasons and solutions for abnormal pressure alarm:

1. If the inlet and outlet of the pipeline are not open, immediately open the inlet valve.

2. If the pipeline of the water-cooled chiller is blocked, it is necessary to immediately check the blockage of the pipeline in the water-cooled chiller system and immediately clear the blocked pipeline.

As the liquid in the refrigeration system of the water-cooled chiller is overheated, the unit refrigerating capacity, unit theoretical power and cycle refrigeration coefficient will directly increase, or the refrigeration coefficient of the water-cooled chiller will decrease, depending on whether the ratio of the increment of unit refrigerating capacity to the increment of unit theoretical work is greater or less than the refrigeration coefficient. If it is greater, the cycle will increase.

The refrigeration coefficient of the cycle decreases with the increase of the quantity coefficient, on the contrary, the refrigeration coefficient of the cycle decreases. In addition, overheating of the liquid outside the evaporator of the water cooler is often referred to as harmful overheating.

The lower the evaporation temperature, the greater the harmful overheating effect on the water cooler. Therefore, when enterprises install water-cooled chillers, insulation materials can be placed around the suction pipe, which can to some extent reduce harmful overheating.

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