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How to improve the energy efficiency of low temperature chiller?

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How to improve the energy efficiency of low temperature chiller?

1、 Strengthen the operation management of FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers, establish a system for electricity management and unit consumption statistics of low-temperature coolers. The electricity consumption and material consumption quotas that are convenient for assessment, the addition of necessary measuring instruments and instruments, and the implementation of energy-saving and technological transformation work will consolidate energy-saving work from a systematic perspective.


2、 Proper operation and maintenance of low-temperature coolers:

1. Properly control and adjust the liquid supply volume of the system, and avoid the occurrence of excessive humidity and overheating during compressor suction.

2. Reasonably select the number of compressor units to match their refrigeration capacity with the system’s thermal load.


3. Adjust the operating number of fans and water pumps appropriately according to process requirements and changes in external temperature.

4. Regularly drain oil, air, defrost, and remove scale to maintain good heat transfer performance of the equipment, avoiding high condensation pressure and low evaporation pressure.

3、 Improve the working conditions of the low-temperature cooler as much as possible:

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1. Improve water quality, slow down scaling, improve condenser condensation efficiency, and reduce condensation temperature.

2. The load rate of the low-temperature cooler motor is 0. When it is below 4, the motor can be changed from △ to Y connection to improve power factor, and it is required that the △ and Y connection methods can be automatically switched.

4、 Try to use automatic control operation instead of manual operation to achieve optimal operation of the low-temperature cooler system, which can save 10-15% electricity.

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