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What should we pay attention to when installing and using the low temperature chiller?

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What should we pay attention to when installing and using the low temperature chiller?

The interface of the FL-800N -18°C ~ +30°C Small Water Chiller is a pipe connection or flange, and its inlet shall be connected with the outlet pipe of the air compressor, and can also be installed in the pneumatic equipment pipeline.

The water cooler shall be installed on the concrete foundation.

The inlet and outlet of the water cooler are interchangeable.

All equipment belonging to pressure vessels shall be reported to the boiler and pressure vessel safety supervision authority of the local and municipal labor department and the use registration formalities shall be handled before being put into use after installation.

During operation, open the blowdown valve regularly to discharge the dirt according to the system operation.

A control valve shall be installed at the air inlet of the water cooler.

Ensure the inlet temperature of cooling water and the smoothness of water pipes.

The cooling water shall be soft water and free of visible impurities.

1. What should we pay attention to when starting the water circulation cooler?

1) Press the configuration key on the keyboard, and then switch the unit ON/OFF toggle switch on the keyboard to the ON position.

2) The unit will conduct a self-inspection. After a few seconds, one compressor will start, and the other compressor will start after the load increases.

3) Once the unit is started, all operations are not active. The unit starts and stops automatically according to the change of cooling load (chilled water supply and return water temperature).

2. The water circulation cooler operates normally.

1) During normal operation of the unit, the controller will monitor the oil pressure, motor current and other parameters of the unit. Once any Issue is displayed, the control unit will actively take corresponding measures to maintain the unit and display the fault information on the unit screen.

2) During the operation cycle of every 24 hours, special personnel shall be assigned to operate at a fixed time interval and operating conditions.

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