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What is the selection method of industrial chiller manufacturers?

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What is the selection method of industrial chiller manufacturers?

First of all, consider the comprehensive strength of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers manufacturer, including the manufacturer’s production qualification, production scale, workshop management, quality, model and after-sales service.

The chillers made by large factories are not only of good quality, but also very affordable. If the chillers are obtained from middlemen or agents, it is difficult to solve the problems of installation, use and after-sales. Therefore, we must choose the manufacturers with our own physical factories to ensure the product quality. Even if the machine has a fault alarm after use, it can be quickly solved.

Secondly, consider the principle of proximity and select manufacturers.

Different industries require different customized chiller refrigeration schemes. At this time, customized chillers should be considered to meet the needs of enterprise production, including technical parameters such as refrigeration capacity, heat generation, temperature control accuracy, water pumps, core accessories and materials in all aspects. Some factories will customize anti-corrosion and explosion-proof chillers.

1. Comprehensive selection method of industrial chillers?

Comprehensive perspective

First of all, select high-quality businesses with good reputation and qualified product quality, which can effectively improve the quality and use efficiency of the chiller. In addition, it is necessary to specify the parameters of the chiller, and select the chiller with good refrigeration effect according to its own intelligent needs.

Considering the industry reputation of chiller manufacturers, considering the cost performance ratio in combination with their own needs, and also paying attention to after-sales service, as an important factor in the purchase of chillers.

Selection basis – cooling capacity

The cooling capacity of the chiller has a direct impact on the normal operation of the production equipment. A small cooling capacity can not reflect the ideal cooling effect, but will reduce the productivity loss of the operation, leading to shutdown. If the model selection is too large, the waste cost will increase.

The greater the refrigeration capacity, the higher the price. Therefore, scientific and reasonable selection of refrigeration capacity is very critical to the model selection of chiller.

2. Optimize the selection scheme of chiller?

It is necessary to pay attention to the relationship between temperature difference and flow. Different plastic products have different cooling temperatures, and the temperature difference of the combined water is 3 ℃~5 ℃.

The smaller the temperature difference between sea salt and sea salt, the more ice water flow is required to take away the same heat. On the contrary, the smaller the ice water flow is. The scheme to ensure the minimum energy consumption and the comprehensive balance of electricity, heat and cold, especially the utilization of waste gas and heat.

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