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What is the reason for the special power consumption of the 100 ton chiller?

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What is the reason for the special power consumption of the 100 ton chiller?

1. Installation environment

LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, as large-scale refrigeration equipment, are purchased by many companies for the purpose of achieving rapid cooling and cooling, in order to achieve the required temperature for production, such as in the electroplating, plastic, and food industries.

If the installation environment is relatively harsh, it will increase energy consumption. For example, placing the chiller outdoors is recommended.

If there is no space for storing the chiller equipment indoors (in workshops, factories, etc.), a computer room can be built outside to prevent the chiller from being installed. Only by making preparations during the initial installation can rapid cooling be achieved and efficient production be achieved;

2. Long working hours

If the chiller continues to run non-stop for a long time, it will be as tired as humans, and the wear and tear of parts will also accelerate.

The editor suggests that customers and friends establish a detailed working time for the chiller when using it. If it is a large space factory, they can choose to install multiple chillers for alternate use, which can avoid the increase in consumables caused by using one chiller alone and reduce energy consumption;

3. Existence of faults

If the cooling effect of the industrial chiller gradually decreases or even does not cool, customers and friends should pay attention.

At this point, there is a malfunction problem. After discovering the problem, the staff in charge of the chiller should immediately check the internal condition of the chiller, repair it in a timely manner, or contact the chiller manufacturer for maintenance, rather than letting it go, So the chiller may be abandoned.

When the wall thickness of the cooler is up to 1.5mm with fouling, the cooling temperature increases by 2.8 ℃ compared to the temperature before fouling, and the power consumption increases by 9.7.

The evaporator surface is covered with a layer of frost, which reduces its thermal conductivity. Especially when the external surface of the fin tube radiator frosts, it not only increases the heat transfer coefficient of heat conduction, but also makes the gas flow between the plate and fin difficult, reducing the thermal conductivity of the surface and the total heat dissipation area of the heat pipe.

When the temperature in the room is less than 0 ℃ and the temperature difference between the two sides of the evaporator tube group is 10 ℃, the thermal conductivity of the evaporator after one month of operation is about 70 before frost.

The sucked vapor allows for a certain degree of superheat, but the superheat is large, and the specific volume of the sucked vapor increases, resulting in a decrease in cooling production and an increase in relative power consumption.

The refrigeration compressor is frosted, and the suction valve is quickly adjusted to significantly reduce the cooling output and increase power consumption.

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