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What is the reason for the low pressure of the recirculating water chiller?

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What is the reason for the low pressure of the recirculating water chiller?

The possible causes of low voltage faults are as follows:

1. Insufficient or leaking refrigerant;

2. Insufficient flow rate of refrigerant water;

3. The evaporator is blocked and the heat exchange is poor;

4. Electrical faults causing false alarms;

5. The external temperature is relatively low.

Solution to low pressure of LX -25°C ~ +30°C Recirculating Chillers:


1. If the ambient temperature of the cooling circulating water is too low, please close the closed cooling tower or throttle valve to cool the circulating water to reduce its temperature. If the ambient temperature of the refrigeration oil is too low, the heating time of the chiller can be extended, and once the ambient temperature of the refrigeration oil is restored, it can be treated.

2. During daily maintenance and upkeep, the chiller should be frequently backwashed.

3. Short circuit fault, poor contact or moisture return damage of low-voltage Protective relay, resulting in communication failure and false alarm.

4. This situation is mostly caused by the low-temperature operation of the refrigeration unit or the prolonged non operation of the chiller. The chiller only needs to operate for a period of time to recover.

5. The solution is to assemble an automatic exhaust valve at the Elevation of the equipment to carry out the exhaust pipe; The pipeline filter is blocked or the material selection is too fine, which limits the water absorption.

Filter devices should be selected and cleaned regularly. The flow rate of the water pump is small and inconsistent with the system software. Low pressure common faults of chillers should be selected, as the suction pressure of the compressor is too low.

The normal breathing pressure of the compressor is 0.4~0.6MPa. When the suction pressure is lower than 0.2MPa, the low-voltage Protective relay is in the position. If the air pressure is too low, the exhaust air volume is insufficient, and the cooling capacity of the air conditioning does not meet the requirements, unnecessary power loss will occur.

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