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What is the reason for the increasing consumption of industrial air cooled chiller?

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What is the reason for the increasing consumption of industrial air cooled chiller?

Reasons for high energy consumption of industrial air-cooled chillers:

1. High power cost: The refrigeration compressor is the core component of refrigeration equipment, and its drive requires a large amount of electrical energy, so the power cost is high.

The low efficiency of this component can lead to overall low efficiency of LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers.


2. High cooling water temperature: High cooling water temperature is one of the main reasons for high energy consumption in industrial air-cooled chillers.

When the temperature of the cooling water is too high, it takes longer to cool to reach the required temperature, resulting in an increase in energy consumption.

3. Low efficiency of water pumps: As the main driving force of cooling water circulation, the efficiency of water pumps directly affects the energy efficiency of the entire industrial air-cooled chiller unit.

When the efficiency of the water pump is low, it takes longer to circulate the cooling water and lower its temperature, resulting in increased energy consumption.

4. Unreasonable cooling water flow rate: Industrial air-cooled chillers need to set reasonable parameters such as cooling water flow rate and temperature to achieve optimal performance.

When the cooling water flow rate is insufficient, it is necessary to operate the cooling water at a lower temperature, which increases the energy consumption cost of the refrigeration equipment.


How to effectively control the energy consumption of industrial air-cooled chillers:

1. Equipment technology upgrade: Select a suitable technology upgrade plan based on the specific equipment condition.

For example, using more efficient refrigeration compressors, improving cooling water circuits, and other measures to improve overall equipment energy efficiency.

2. Reasonable temperature control: Try to maintain the temperature of the cooling water as much as possible, consistent with the optimal operating temperature of the machine, and reduce energy consumption.

By using an intelligent temperature control system, automatic temperature control is achieved to achieve the best cooling effect and improve energy utilization efficiency.

3. Configure automatic opening and closing system: Reasonably configure the system for automatically opening and closing equipment based on the working conditions of the industrial air-cooled chiller unit itself.


By automatically opening and closing at a fixed time, the operating time and energy consumption of the entire equipment are reduced.

4. Ensure stable system operation: Take preventive measures to prevent pipeline blockage, water and air leakage, check equipment positioning and looseness, and ensure smooth cooling water flow.

5. Regular improvement and maintenance of equipment: When equipment malfunctions or maintenance management is inadequate, the energy efficiency of industrial air-cooled chillers will be affected.

Therefore, in the process of equipment use, timely Computerized maintenance management system and prevention and protection work are crucial for the stability of the entire equipment operation and energy efficiency improvement.

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