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Why does a 30 ton chiller need to be equipped with a cooling tower?

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Why does a 30 ton chiller need to be equipped with a cooling tower?


Generally, a LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers requires a cooling tower, as it is a supporting equipment for the 30 ton chiller. Without the cooling water source of the cooling tower, the 30 ton chiller cannot operate. However, air-cooled chillers do not require a cooling tower, and the 30 ton chiller requires a cooling tower to operate. The cooling tower plays an indispensable role in water-cooled industrial chillers.

Whether you are using a water-cooled box chiller, a water-cooled screw chiller, an open chiller, or a water-cooled low-temperature chiller, you need a cooling tower to provide a continuous supply of circulating cooling water.


Generally, a 30 ton chiller requires a cooling tower because the chiller itself generates a large amount of heat during operation. If air cooling is used for cooling, the overall cooling is poor and is affected by the ventilation environment. The use of air-cooled industrial chillers in environments with poor ventilation conditions cannot be compared to water-cooled industrial chillers in terms of cooling performance and low-temperature environments.

The use of an external cooling tower can improve the operational efficiency of a 30 ton chiller. When operating a 30 ton industrial chiller, due to the high heat generated by the 30 ton chiller, failure to cool down in a timely manner can affect the operation of the 30 ton chiller.


For enterprises with a large number of 30 ton chillers, when a large amount of heat cannot be dissipated, the temperature range of the usage environment will continue to increase, affecting the stability of the low-temperature environment, and leading to an increase in energy consumption of 30 ton chillers.

Many enterprises mostly use external cooling towers for the operation and cooling of 30 ton chiller units. Due to the ability of an external cooling water tower to accelerate the evaporation of the medium heat source in industrial chillers, it has had a profound impact in terms of shortening the cooling consumption time and saving the cooling consumption of a 30 ton chiller unit set for long-term use by enterprises. Therefore, configuring a suitable cooling water tower is the basic measure for the efficiency of a 30 ton chiller unit in enterprises.

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