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What is the installation process flow of chilled water pipe?

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What is the installation process flow of chilled water pipe?

1. The site for installing the unit must be the floor and mounting pad, with the levelness within 6.4 mm, and can bear the operating weight of the unit.

2. During the installation of the FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers, check whether the machine is damaged, and select a suitable place for installation and future maintenance.

3. Select the water pipe with proper pipe diameter, the cooling system and cold water system when the unit operates at maximum power, and connect them correctly.

4. After leakage test, all nozzle must be subject to anti rust treatment.

5. At one end of the unit, a space for cleaning the condenser tube bundle shall be reserved, and the door opening or other appropriate holes can also be used.

6. In order to use the chiller economically and effectively, it is recommended to ask a water treatment expert to analyze the water quality of the evaporator and condenser. Poor water quality will cause scaling, affect heat transfer, or produce corrosion precipitation, breed organics, affect the performance of the chiller, and increase the operation and maintenance costs. Please install a filter at the inlet of the water pipe and clean it regularly.

7. Generally speaking, correct water treatment and regular cleaning of the tube bundle can maintain its good performance. If the existing water quality conditions cannot be improved by appropriate methods, it is necessary to consider allowing the tube bundle to have a large fouling coefficient or specifying special structural materials.

8. Under any load, the water flow shall be stable, and the water in the evaporator shall be prevented from being drained when the water pump is shut down.

9. In order to reduce noise and vibration, it is better to install vibration isolator on the pipeline.

10. The pipe shall be firmly supported independent of the chiller to avoid stress on the components of the chiller. Hangers shall be set to facilitate pipe alignment.

11. For ordinary applications, the water flow velocity through evaporator and condenser is allowed to be between 1.0-3.6m/s.

12. The unit shall be placed in the machine room with the room temperature of 4.4-43.3 ℃, and there shall be enough space around and above the unit for daily maintenance.

Pipeline material selection and installation requirements:

(1) The chilled water pipe is made of 1.6Mpa pressure bearing PP-R hot-melt pipe.

(2) Condensed water pipes are PVC pipes.

(3) . For pipes ≤ DN63mm (2-1/2 “), straight through welding is adopted; for pipes>DN63mm (2-1/2”), flange welding is adopted.

(4) 50mm angle steel material is used between the fixed lifting supports of the pipeline, the span of the supports is about 2.0~3.0 m, and the wooden pipe hoop is used for fixing (anti condensation).

Installation of water pipe: it is mainly the external water pipe of evaporator and condenser. If it is a double return water pipe, it is arranged on the same side. If it is a single return or three return water pipe, it is arranged on both sides. The water inlet and outlet of condenser and evaporator of water-cooled refrigeration unit are from the bottom to the top.

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