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What are the advantages of water cooling?

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What are the advantages of water cooling?

The water-cooled refrigerator has high EER value, low noise and stable operation. From the perspective of motor selection, low-noise fan motor is adopted, with excellent cooling and condensation effect, stable throttling mechanism, and excellent rust prevention treatment. Ergonomic panel, fully automatic control, equipped with precise electric temperature controller, can operate stably for a long time.

LN -60°C ~ -10°C Cryogenic Water Cooled Chillers is small in size, large in refrigerating capacity, excellent in low-temperature performance, reliable and durable. The product is designed according to the characteristics of industrial application, with built-in low-temperature circulating water pump and stainless steel chilled water tank, which is extremely convenient to use.


All materials in contact with water are made of anti-corrosion materials, which effectively prevent rust and corrosion. The microcomputer LED quantity controller has the functions of temperature display, temperature setting, automatic regulation of frozen water temperature and compressor delay protection.

The relay and other electrical components are equipped with perfect indicator lights and switches, and the operation is clear at a glance. Built in electronic water level indicator and alarm device, low water level automatic alarm, the operator can grasp the water level of the freezing water tank through the control panel, and timely replenish water.

With unique modular design, the system of each compressor is safe and independent, and even if one system has problems, the normal operation of other systems will not be affected.


Moreover, the water-cooled chiller does not need a cooling tower, so it is very simple to install. It can be moved according to the needs, which is very convenient. It is more suitable for the situation where the water source is lack of water tower.

The multi-function operation panel of water-cooled chiller is equipped with ammeter, control system fuse, compressor switch button, water pump switch button, electronic temperature controller, various safety protection fault lights, and unit startup and operation indicator lights, which are easy to operate and use.

High quality compressor is the heart of industrial chiller. At the same time, the origin of the compressor is generally brand new original compressor in Europe, America and Japan, with built-in safety protection system, which is low noise, power saving and durable.


Compared with air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers are safer in operation and more conducive to maintenance and repair.

The water-cooled chiller unit is equipped with a monolithic control system, built-in compressor drying filter, expansion valve, hand valve interface and other devices to ensure reliable and safe operation of the machine and facilitate maintenance.

The water tank evaporator is equipped with an automatic water replenishing device, which eliminates the expansion of the water tank in the project installation and is convenient for installation and maintenance. It is suitable for special occasions such as large temperature difference and small flow.

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