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What are the requirements for the installation of air cooled water chiller system?

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What are the requirements for the installation of air cooled water chiller system?

(1) The installation location of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers should be selected, and the ground mortar foundation should be laid to ensure the ground is flat.

(2) Under the load condition, the water output of the industrial water chiller shall be normal.

(3) The selection and connection of hoses should be based on different types of industrial water chillers.

(4) The design and installation of the chilled water pipeline of the industrial water chiller should be carried out in accordance with the relevant standards. The circulating pump should be placed on the water inlet of the generator set to ensure the supply fan of the generator set.

1. Inspection of air-cooled water chiller valve.

The condenser and condenser of the industrial water chiller are high-pressure vessels. According to the requirements, the valve should be assembled on the ultra-high pressure end of the refrigeration unit, that is, the condenser itself. Once the generator unit is in an abnormal office environment, the valve can automatically release the pressure to prevent the high pressure may cause damage to the body.

2. What should be paid attention to when the air-cooled water chiller is distributed?

When the unit arrives at the customer’s site, it is necessary to connect the power cord to the unit’s control cabinet. The inlet of the control cabinet should be set above the control cabinet.

Generally speaking, the power incoming line of the control cabinet should be 1 meter higher than the unit, and the control cabinet should not be subjected to heavy loads. Connect the power line to the terminals R, S, T and N. After 24 hours of operation, the terminals need to be tightened again.

In addition to the control electric box of the processing equipment itself, additional electric control cabinets equipped with water pumps and water towers are also required. Attention should be paid to the part of the electric control cabinet connected to the power supply. The main power wiring copper bar, Y- Δ The compressor starts the electrical device.

According to domestic standards, the working power supply used by the unit is 3N~, AC380V, 50Hz. Therefore, when using external power supply, these standards should be met. Generally speaking, the deviation of power supply voltage should not exceed 5%. The total power supply needs to be connected through the threading hole on the back of the electric control cabinet of the unit, so that it can be connected with the power wiring copper bar or terminal block, and the connection can be completed once.

The installed circuits should strictly comply with the corresponding electrical specifications.

The power line connected to the control cabinet of the unit should be selected according to the rated current on the nameplate. When the total power supply is equipped, a margin should be reserved. Generally, the margin is more than 1.25~1.3 times of the parameters of the unit, water pump and water tower.

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