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What are the Protection Devices of Industrial Chillers?

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What are the Protection Devices of Industrial Chillers?


The long-term operation and use of industrial chillers will inevitably lead to various equipment failures. It may not be timely enough to rely on manual inspection of chillers. Therefore, the chiller equipment will have some corresponding protection devices to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and remind relevant personnel to carry out corresponding troubleshooting to avoid larger failures of the chiller. So what protection devices should industrial chillers have? The following LNEYA chiller manufacturers will introduce to you.

First of all, the industrial chiller will display when the cooling is abnormal.

Abnormal cooling temperature or water-cooled cooling water or water pump will lead to abnormal working conditions of the industrial chiller. When the chiller shows abnormal cooling, the above reasons should be checked in time, and the machine should be turned on after solving the problem.

In addition, there will also be a reminder or a warning display when the refrigerant is insufficient. In most cases, the refrigerant shortage is a reminder with an indicator light instead of an alarm sound.

Industrial chillers are very dependent on refrigerant, so when the refrigerant is missing or insufficient, the equipment will have prompts and warnings, but when the chiller shows that the refrigerant is insufficient, it is not necessarily because the refrigerant is missing or insufficient, it may also be due to refrigerant leakage or Broken pipes, etc.

Of course, in addition to the display of insufficient refrigerant, a prompt will also appear when the temperature is too low. The reason may be that the pipe valve is closed by mistake or there is a problem with the cooling water circulation.

The configuration or protection devices of various other prompts are: low oil pressure prompt, overload prompt, low water level protection, phase protection, water flow switch protection, pump overload protection, compressor protection, high pressure and low pressure alarm and protection (high pressure gauge, low pressure gauge) There will be pressure indications. According to the manual of the industrial chiller, check whether the corresponding pressure value is within the allowable or normal range), etc. These very used alarm or protection devices and configurations can effectively protect the industrial chiller in the event of problems. At the same time, it will not cause secondary damage or cause more serious failures.

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