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How to Install the Chiller Correctly?

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How to Install the Chiller Correctly?


At present, many industries use chillers, because it can cool down and precisely control the temperature, and it is an indispensable production equipment for many enterprises. So after the chiller is purchased, what precautions should the user have when installing it? The following LNEYA professional chiller manufacturer will introduce it to you.

Before installing the chiller:

1. First check whether the machine is damaged and whether the accessories are complete.

2. Check whether the ground condition of the site is flat. The installation site must be the floor and the installation pad, whose levelness is within 6.4mm and can withstand the operating weight of the equipment.

3. Pay attention to the ambient temperature of the chiller installation. The equipment should be placed in a computer room with a room temperature of 4.4 to 43.3 °C. There should be enough space around and above the equipment for routine maintenance.

When installing the chiller:

1. Select a water pipe with a suitable diameter, and the cold water system when the equipment is running at the maximum power is correctly connected to the water outlet pipe and the water inlet pipe.

2. Leave a draining space for cleaning the condenser tube bundle at one end of the equipment, and a door opening or other suitable openings can be used.

3. The design and installation of all chilled water and cooling water pipes should be carried out in accordance with conventional methods, and the chilled water pump should be located on the water inlet pipe of the equipment to ensure positive pressure and flow in the equipment. Vibration-absorbing pipes should be installed during piping to ensure proper elasticity, and also to prevent the water from the evaporator from being drained when the pump is stopped.

4. A filter should be installed at the inlet of the pump to prevent foreign matter from entering the heat exchanger of the equipment, and should be cleaned regularly. If the equipment is installed in an area with poor water quality, the user should do a good job of water treatment to avoid damage to the heat exchanger.

5. The pipeline should have a firm support independent of the chiller to avoid stress on the components of the chiller.

6. Since the chiller has reverse phase and phase loss protection, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the line phase is correct when wiring and installing, and the equipment cannot operate normally when the phase is wrongly connected and the phase is missing.

7. In order to reduce noise and vibration, it is best to install vibration isolators on the pipeline.

After the chiller is installed

1. Plug in the power cord of the device and press the power button. The chiller circulating pump starts to run. When the new equipment is turned on for the first time, there will be more air bubbles in the pipeline, which will cause the machine to occasionally generate a flow alarm, and it will return to normal after a few minutes of operation.

2. After the equipment is turned on for the first time, the user must immediately check whether the water pipes are leaking.

3. Since the compressor and other devices have a long start-up process, ranging from tens of seconds to several minutes according to different working conditions, do not switch on and off frequently.

4. Check the water level of the water tank. After the new equipment is turned on, the air in the water pipe is emptied, and the water level of the water tank will drop slightly. In order to keep the water level in the green area, you can add water in an appropriate amount. Observe and record the current water level, and observe the water level again after the chiller has been running for a period of time. If the water level drops significantly, check again for leaks in the water pipes.

The installation of the chiller has a great influence on the use of the chiller in the later stage. Only reasonable and correct installation can ensure the efficiency and service life of the chiller. Therefore, some important matters need to be paid attention to when installing the chiller to avoid wrong installation and affect the operation of the chiller.

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