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What are the precautions for oil chiller manufacturers before installation?

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What are the precautions for oil chiller manufacturers before installation?

The LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers should be installed vertically. When lifting, pay attention to the center of the equipment, and use the lifting hole to lift the connecting rod. It can also be flat. The installation site should have enough maintenance space.

Assembly line: before the pipe, check whether the heat exchanger is clamped within the specified size range. If not, clamp it to the specified size.

Considering the convenience of maintenance, connect the cooler with the short pipe. The pressure gauge and thermometer should be installed at the cold and hot medium and outlet. The air valve is generally installed on the pipe connecting the upper corner.

If the cooler works above 100 degrees, the pipe joint and the expansion thermal stress absorption compensation device and the tilt device are allowed to be used under special circumstances, but must be fixed.

If water is used as cooling medium or recycled waste heat of sewage or medium containing granular solids, the right automatic drain filter or dirt separator upstream of the cooler inlet shall be installed to avoid blocking the oil cooler.

When the maximum pressure of the medium is greater than the maximum working pressure of the equipment, the pressure relief valve and overflow valve shall be installed at the inlet of the device.

1. What causes the vibration of the cooler?

Through research, it is found that the vibration inside the cooler is mainly caused by the flow of the fluid at the shell side, and the vibration caused by the flow of the fluid at the tube side is relatively small. When the vibration is serious, it will cause the leakage and damage of the tube, resulting in large noise, and increase the pressure drop at the shell side.

For a period of time, with the increase of the capacity of the cooler, the number of cases of damage caused by vibration gradually increased, which attracted the attention of the industry.

2. The damage caused by the vibration of the cooler is as follows.

The heat transfer pipe fittings collide with each other due to vibration, resulting in surface wear and obvious appearance wear;

The heat transfer tube close to the baffle plate is damaged by collision; The service life of heat transfer pipe is reduced during vibration; There are small cracks on the pipe fittings, which eventually lead to the damage of the pipe fittings.

The heat exchanger made of fluoroplastics, a new material, will not wear when it is vibrated because the surface of fluoroplastics is very smooth and the friction system is small. Even if wear occurs, it will only cause a little damage.

In addition, fluoroplastics have strong resistance to chemicals and are not prone to corrosion. And its surface is not easy to accumulate dust and dirt, so it is a very good material.

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