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What are the condensation pressure and temperature of the coolant chiller?

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What are the condensation pressure and temperature of the coolant chiller?

The refrigerant in the FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers is usually in a saturated state, so its pressure and temperature can be checked with each other through the thermodynamic property table of the corresponding refrigerant.

The condensing temperature of water-cooled units is generally 2 ℃~4 ℃ higher than the outlet temperature of cooling water. If it is too high, check whether the copper tubes in the condenser are scaling and need to be cleaned.

The condensation temperature is of decisive significance to the power consumption of the chiller when the evaporation temperature is constant. The condensation temperature increases and the power consumption increases. On the contrary, the condensation temperature decreases and the power consumption decreases.

When air is present in the condenser, the temperature difference between the condenser temperature and the cooling water outlet increases, while the temperature difference between the cooling water inlet and outlet decreases. At this time, the heat transfer effect of the condenser is not good, and the condenser shell has a hot feeling.

Scaling and sludge on the water side of condenser tubes also play a significant role in heat transfer. Therefore, during the operation of the chiller, attention should be paid to ensure that the cooling water temperature, water volume, water quality and other indicators are within the acceptable range.

The so-called condensation temperature refers to the temperature at which the superheated gaseous refrigerant condenses into liquid in the condenser.

In the process of compression, the gaseous refrigerant will be converted into high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas flow into the condenser and then cooled by air or water to release condensation heat and become liquid. The pressure corresponding to the condensation temperature is the condensation pressure;

In the process of refrigerant condensation, the condensation pressure and temperature are one-to-one correspondence. Therefore, if the condensing pressure is certain, the condensing temperature is also certain;

The cooling water temperature and flow of the refrigeration system, as well as the heat transfer area and cleanliness of the condenser.

Because the condensation temperature of the system is different due to different regions and different seasons.

However, it is necessary to ensure that the condensation temperature is higher than the temperature of the cooling water, so that there is a certain temperature difference between the refrigerant in the condenser and the cooling water, so as to ensure the smooth heat transfer;

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