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What are the characteristics of the chiller cooler?

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What are the characteristics of the chiller cooler?

(1) The FL-800N -18°C ~ +30°C Small Water Chiller adopts bare tube (no rolled fins on the surface) heat transfer tube, with high heat transfer coefficient and strong anti pollution ability.

(2) The spiral guide plate of the cooling cooler makes the cooled liquid continuously and evenly roll in a spiral shape, overcoming the cold and heat exchange efficiency generated by the guide plate.

(3) The cooling cooler is sealed with expanded tube, which overcomes the adverse change of materials after high temperature welding.

(4) The cooling cooler has good structural performance, stable sealing performance, high heat transfer efficiency and compact structure.

1. How to select the chiller?

Refrigeration technology

As the heat exchange efficiency of water is far greater than that of air, the energy efficiency of water-cooled chillers is 300 to 500 kcal/h higher than that of air-cooled chillers.

Power consumption

The overall power consumption of water-cooled chillers (including the power consumption of cooling water pumps and cooling tower fans) is about 25% lower than that of air-cooled chillers.

Because the heat transfer temperature difference of the condenser of the water-cooled chiller is generally 4 ℃ – 8 ℃, while that of the air-cooled chiller is generally 8 ℃ – 15 ℃. Under the same outdoor ambient temperature, the temperature of the cooling circulating water is lower than the outdoor air temperature. Therefore, the condensation temperature of the air-cooled unit in normal operation is much higher than that of the water-cooled unit, so that the power consumption of the air-cooled unit is greater than that of the water-cooled unit under the same refrigeration capacity.

2. Exhaust pressure, what is the factor of high exhaust pressure?

When the exhaust pressure is higher than the normal value, there are generally small flow of cooling medium or high temperature of cooling medium, excessive refrigerant charge, large cooling load and large opening of expansion valve.

These causes the circulation flow of the system to increase and the condensation heat load to increase accordingly. Because the heat can not be fully dissipated in time, the condensation temperature will rise, while the exhaust (condensation) pressure rise can be detected. In the case of low cooling medium flow or high cooling medium temperature, the cooling efficiency of the condenser decreases and the condensing temperature rises.

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