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What are the safety operation rules for industrial water chillers?

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What are the safety operation rules for industrial water chillers?

1. Precautions for installation of air cooler.

Please select a stable foundation before installing the LD -80°C ~ -30°C Ultra Low Temperature Chillers. The surrounding air is unblocked, the air is free of pollution, and there is little oil pollution. The canopy shall be more than 1.5m above the machine platform.

If the surrounding air is still hot during use, install an exhaust fan to maintain air convection, or use an exhaust pipe to exhaust the hot air to the outside, which will not only increase the service life of the chiller, but also improve efficiency and reduce costs.

During installation, the ambient temperature should be below 35 ℃ to ensure that the machine is effective. Power supply, load and grounding parts shall be constructed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

The first operation must check whether the following items are correct:

(1) Whether the power supply voltage and phase number meet the model and specification shall be subject to the nameplate.

Note that the power supply of the chiller above 3HP is three-phase, the voltage is 380-415V, the 50HZ power supply phase is RST, the neutral line (neutral line) is N, and the ground wire is E.

(2) Whether the make-up water inlet has been connected to the pipeline, and the water source cannot be closed

(3) Fill the ice water tank with water before starting the water pump.

2. How to select a proper chiller?

(1)look at the supporting equipment

Basic configuration of industrial water chiller: it is equipped with a monolithic control system, built-in compressor drying filter, expansion valve, hand valve interface for maintenance and other devices, ensuring reliable and safe operation of the machine and convenient maintenance.

The supporting equipment of the air-cooled chiller is the chilled water pump separator and water collector, while the water-cooled chiller needs a dedicated machine room cooling tower water collector and water separator. The water-cooled chiller needs more supporting equipment, and the initial equipment investment should be larger. The air-cooled chiller with the same matching number is cheaper than the water-cooled chiller.

(2)Use environment

Since there is no need to install and connect the cooling water tower, the air-cooled chiller is suitable for the environment with poor impurities, so the noise of the air-cooled chiller is large.

The water-cooled chiller has low noise, and is suitable for the environment with good water quality because of the need to install and connect a cooling tower. If the water quality is poor, it is easy to block the water channel of the machine, causing greater economic losses.

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