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What are the anti freezing measures for refrigerated chiller in winter?

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  What are the winter antifreeze measures for refrigerated chiller?
  Cold protection of the host: Close the inlet and outlet gate valves of the condenser and evaporator of the host, open the inlet and outlet valves, and then use compressed gas to blow off the remaining water. Cold protection of centrifugal water pump: Turn off the inlet and outlet valves of the refrigerant centrifugal water pump, open the drain and vent valves of the centrifugal water pump, and drain the clean water.
  Open the bottom gate valve of the cooling system, drain the cooling water, and open the inlet valve of the centrifugal water pump. After the system water is drained, to prevent rainwater from entering through the cooling tower, close the main outlet valve of the cooling tower, open the drain valve of the cooling tower water collection tray, and timely drain the rainwater from the drain valve.
  For GX/GY -65°C ~ -10°C Industrial Refrigerators, because they use water-cooled heat dissipation, they use a water cooling system without a chiller. As long as the fan needs cold protection, the focus of air-cooled heat dissipation should be on the smooth oil of the fan. If the chiller is operated continuously, there is no need to worry about the cold protection of the smooth oil. If the chiller is used intermittently or not used for a long time, attention should be paid to cold protection.
  If not used for a long time, the air-cooled settlement should be cleaned and wiped with maintenance oil to prevent moisture and prevent cold weather in winter from causing air-cooled frostbite. If used intermittently, the smooth oil of the fan should be scraped clean during shutdown, and an appropriate amount of smooth oil should be added during use. Under the normal working condition of the air-cooled chiller, ensuring sufficient water flow and pressure will not cause the cooling water to freeze at all.
  1. Condenser: Open the end cover of the other end of the water connection pipe, and pay attention to keeping the end cover and screws away. Before starting the machine the next year, install the end cover and screws to use.
  2. Evaporator: You can open the drain valve under the evaporator connecting pipe to drain the water. In winter, keep the drain valve in a normally open state and wait until the next year to turn on the machine to replenish water.
  3. Pipeline and water pump: The pipeline and water pump discharge the water at the location.
  4. Cooling tower: Open the drain valve at the water tray of the cooling tower to drain the chassis water.
  5. End: There is a drain valve at the lower end of the coil, which is also opened. During winter, the drain valve is in a normally open state.
  Control with temperature relay: When the circulating water pump malfunctions or the load drops, it may cause the outlet cooling water temperature or brine temperature to drop below freezing point, causing the water cooler to thaw. A chiller is a cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant flow, and constant pressure.
  The temperature of the return water of the chiller should preferably not exceed 40 degrees. The higher the return water temperature, the greater the damage to the compressor. To avoid thawing, a temperature relay is installed at the outlet of cooling water or saline water to control the water temperature at 2-3 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is too low, end the operation of the refrigerator. The placement of temperature sensing packaging for temperature relays must be carefully selected. Individual temperature sensors should be pumped into the cold water pipeline, otherwise the control is incorrect.

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