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When does the air cooled water chillers need to replace lubricating oil?

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When does the air cooled water chillers need to replace lubricating oil?

In general, the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers does not need to replace the lubricating oil, but when the equipment noise continues to increase, it is necessary to carefully analyze whether there is a serious noise problem caused by insufficient lubrication or other reasons. To avoid various malfunctions caused by long-term operation of the chiller by enterprises, lubricating oil can be replaced in a timely manner within the specified time, which can avoid excessive wear and tear on the internal and external components of the chiller.

The various accessories of the chiller can maintain good operation, avoiding various equipment failures, and thus ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Maintenance work content of the chiller:

1. Check the operation of the chiller unit, review the operation records and unit alarm content.

2. Check the operation records of the chiller and analyze the alarm content after analysis.

3. Check the possible occurrence points of the chiller alarm.

4. Record the current issues with the chiller.

The main functions of lubricating oil in the compressors of screw chillers are lubrication, cooling, and capacity regulation. In fact, the bearings in the compressor only need to provide a stable small amount of oil to achieve lubrication, while the oil sprayed into the compression chamber can form an oil film in the compression chamber, which not only increases the efficiency of the compressor but also absorbs some of the heat generated during the compression process.

In this way, the lubricating oil will generate temperature, which is an important factor affecting the service life of compressor bearings. If the temperature of the lubricating oil is too high, it will directly reduce the viscosity of the oil, leading to a decrease in its lubrication and heat absorption capacity.

Therefore, it is recommended to maintain the viscosity of lubricating oil above 10mm3/s. Of course, there will be both an increase and a decrease. If the ambient temperature is too low, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will increase. In this case, the pressure drop in the oil circuit will be too large, making it impossible to load normally, leading to the compressor starting under heavy load.

Therefore, when using screw chillers, we need to ensure that the oil temperature is maintained above the system condensation temperature to avoid refrigerant entering the system during summer. In winter, an oil heater can be added to heat the lubricating oil to increase the oil temperature in a short period of time.

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