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Water Chiller Machine Manufacturers

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Water Chiller Machine Manufacturers


Air Cooled Chillers

The air-cooled chiller, also known as the air-cooled box-type industrial chiller, is a kind of equipment for various industries with different processes, and the equipment is cooled to achieve the purpose of the process. It is widely used in electronics, electroplating, chemical, mechanical, chemical, laser, pharmaceutical, medical and other industries. Because the source of its heat exchange is gas, it is equipped with a special fan, so it is called an air-cooled chiller.

The industrial air-cooled chiller is mainly suitable for plastics. It can precisely control the temperature of the plastic molding mold to shorten the molding cycle and accelerate the product shape. Using the principle of cold and heat exchange for cooling, the temperature can be quickly cooled and the temperature control is stable. And not affected by environmental factors, it is an indispensable configuration equipment in modern industry.

Water Cooled Chillers

Water cooled chiller is a cooling method of chiller, which can emit heat to cool the water used in projects and industrial structures, and re-enter the operation cycle. In fact, the chiller transfers heat from the space requiring temperature control to another space. Therefore, the chiller is not a means of generating cold, but a means of heat dissipation. Its task is to transfer heat to places outside the system.

The cooling tower is specially designed for the water-cooled chiller, because the condenser of the water-cooled chiller uses water as the stimulation and cooling material. Because the wet surface is more successful in heat transfer and can also perform compression function at wetter temperatures, the efficiency of water-cooled chillers will be higher.

Ultra low temperature chiller

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