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Three Cooling Methods of Low Temperature Recirculating Chiller

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Three Cooling Methods of Low Temperature Recirculating Chiller


The low temperature recirculating chiller adopts a user-friendly touch screen display, which is richer in content. The touch-type input mode makes the input more intuitive and convenient. The control system adopts industrial PLC temperature control, which makes data processing more accurate, stronger anti-interference ability and more stable work. It has the function of setting multiple temperature sections and setting constant temperature time, and can be programmed according to the edited temperature section to improve work efficiency. The device has a real-time data recording function, and the recorded data can be output to the U disk through the USB interface. Multi-user management can be performed, and users without privileges cannot access specific functions and data. The system has multiple protection mechanisms to ensure stable and efficient operation of the equipment.

low temperature recirculating chiller

The low-temperature recirculating chiller can be matched with a variety of instruments (rotary evaporator, fermentation tank, chemical reactor, freeze-drying equipment, biopharmaceutical reactor, etc.), with large cooling capacity and fast cooling speed, which greatly improves work efficiency. The flow of the device can be adjusted or customized to meet the actual needs of different users. All models can be reasonably matched between low temperature and cooling capacity, low temperature and container capacity according to user requirements.

The low temperature recirculating chiller is produced by contacting water with air through three processes: contact heat dissipation, evaporative heat dissipation and radiation heat dissipation.

1. Contact heat dissipation: heat transfer by conduction and convection is called contact heat dissipation. When water comes into contact with low-temperature air, the temperature of the water will decrease due to the temperature difference, which is because the heat in the hot water is transferred to the air due to the temperature difference. The greater the temperature difference, the better the heat transfer effect;

2. Evaporative heat dissipation: moisture forms large and small water droplets or very thin water films in the cooling device, expands the contact area with the air, prolongs the contact time, promotes the evaporation of water, makes the water evaporate from the water, and takes away the heat required for evaporation. , to cool the water.

3. Radiation heat dissipation: Radiation heat dissipation does not require the action of a heat transfer medium, but a phenomenon in which heat energy is transferred through an electromagnetic wave. Radiant cooling is only effective in large cooling pools. The function of the low temperature recirculating chiller is to take away the heat generated by the instrument through relatively low temperature water, so that the temperature of each part of the instrument is kept at a low level.

The low temperature recirculating chiller has the function of providing low temperature liquid and low temperature water bath. It can be combined with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze-drying box, circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer and other instruments to carry out multi-functional low-temperature chemical reactions.

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