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How to Choose a Suitable Refrigerant for a Low Temperature Refrigeration Circulator?

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How to Choose a Suitable Refrigerant for a Low Temperature Refrigeration Circulator?


The low temperature refrigeration circulator is a kind of equipment used in the physical, chemical and biological laboratory environment under low temperature and constant temperature. The equipment is used in the field of scientific research and experimental teaching. A must-have product for labs. The low temperature cooling circulator is an air-cooled fully enclosed compressor unit with reliable quality. The special relays, protectors, capacitors, etc. for the chiller are all high-quality components, and the quality is guaranteed. Digital temperature control, easy to operate. The cooling capacity is large and the cooling speed is fast, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

The circulating liquid of the low-temperature refrigeration circulator can provide cooling water that meets the requirements of temperature and water purity, and is used for high-purity metal, rare substance purification, environmental experiments, magnetron sputtering, vacuum coating and other large-scale equipment. The low-temperature refrigeration circulator can also be used. It can meet the cooling needs of valuable instruments and equipment such as electron microscopes, electron probes, ultra-high vacuum sputtering machines, X-ray machines, lasers, and accelerated electric lamps. The low-temperature refrigeration circulator is suitable for chemical, biological and physical laboratories that need to maintain low temperature and normal temperature conditions. equipment.

low temperature refrigeration circulator

Then, what kind of refrigerant should be added to the low-temperature refrigeration circulator in the process of use, in order to achieve the best effect of the equipment.

Different cooling medium is used according to the required temperature, which is required to be non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-viscous at low temperature.

1. When the operating temperature is above 10℃, it is recommended to use distilled water or deionized water as the cooling medium.

2. When the operating temperature is -30~10℃, it is recommended to use ethylene glycol aqueous solution.

3. When the temperature is -80~-30℃, 99% ethanol can be used.

Ethanol is a flammable product, please pay attention to fire prevention (users can also choose a suitable cooling medium according to their actual situation). It is strictly forbidden to use brine (NaCl/H2O, CaCl2/H2O, etc.) as a refrigerant. The cooling medium selected by the user should be non-corrosive to stainless steel, chromium and zinc oxide.

Filling of refrigerant: Open the heat preservation cover on the top of the machine, slowly add the refrigerant, and submerge the coil in the tank. Not too much to prevent overflow. If you want to cool the vessel in the tank, it is recommended to put the cooled vessel into the tank first, and then add the cooling medium into the tank to submerge the coil in the tank.

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