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Thermal Oil Heaters

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Thermal Oil Heaters

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How thermal oil heaters work?

Thermal oil heaters insert an electric heater directly into an organic carrier (heat-conducting oil) for direct heating, and use a circulation pump to force the heat-conducting oil to circulate in the liquid phase, transferring the heat to one or more thermal equipment, and then unloading it through the thermal equipment. After that, it passes through the circulation pump again, returns to the heater, absorbs the heat, and transfers it to the heating equipment. This cycle repeats to realize the continuous transfer of heat, so that the temperature of the heated object rises to meet the heating process requirements.


Thermal Oil Heaters


Features and Benefits of thermal oil heaters

1. Thermal oil heaters have the characteristics of low pressure, high temperature and energy saving.

2. Thermal oil heaters have complete operation control and safety monitoring devices, which can realize automatic control and precise temperature control.

3. Thermal oil heaters have reasonable structure, complete supporting facilities, short installation period, convenient operation and maintenance, and convenient boiler layout.

4. Since the electric heating organic heat carrier furnace adopts advanced explosion-proof structure, it can be used in factory explosion-proof, and the explosion-proof level can reach C level.

The structure of thermal oil heaters

It consists of an explosion-proof electric heater, an organic heat carrier furnace, a heat exchanger (configurable), a control cabinet, a hot oil pump, an expansion tank, etc. The user only needs to connect to the power supply, the inlet and outlet pipes of the medium and some electrical interfaces. use.

Application fields of thermal oil heaters

Thermal oil heaters are mainly widely used in petroleum and chemicals, synthetic fibers, textile printing and dyeing, feed, plastics and rubber, papermaking, wood, building materials, machinery, food, air conditioning, road construction, pharmaceuticals, light industry, electroplating, printing and many other industries and field.

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