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Circulating Water Heater

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Circulating Water Heater

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A circulating water heater is a device specially used to heat liquids. It has a closed structure and a circulating heating function. The liquid is heated and maintained at temperature through a circulation system to meet the temperature control requirements in laboratories, industrial production and other fields.

How does circulating water heater work?

Circulating water heater is mainly composed of heating device, circulation pump, control system and thermal insulation shell.

Heating device: Electric heating technology is usually used to convert electrical energy into thermal energy through electric heating elements to provide a heat source.

Circulation pump: The liquid in the heating circulator circulates through the circulation pump, transferring heat energy evenly to the object to be heated, and returning the cooled liquid back to the heating device to form a circulating heating system.

Control system: Use a temperature sensor to detect the temperature of the heating liquid, and control the working status of the heating device through the controller to achieve precise control of the liquid temperature.

Insulated shell: Heating circulators usually have an insulated shell, which can effectively reduce heat loss and improve heating effect.


Circulating Water Heater


Application of circulating water heater

Circulating water heaters are widely used in laboratories, industrial production and other fields, and have the following main application scenarios:

Laboratory research: circulating water heaters can be used for heating tests on different materials, such as catalyst thermal stability testing, polymerization reaction control, etc., to provide a stable temperature environment.

Chemical industry: In the chemical industry production process, circulating water heaters can provide stable heating conditions for synthesis reactions, catalytic reactions, solvent evaporation, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: In the process of drug development and production, circulating water heaters are widely used for dissolution of solids and liquids, crystal growth control, etc.

Food processing: circulating water heaters can be used in food heating, sterilization, saccharification and other processes to maintain a constant temperature of the heated liquid.

By understanding the circulating water heater, we can find its wide range of applications in laboratories and industrial production. Its stable heating capacity and precise temperature control provide convenience and security for scientific researchers and producers. Whether it is temperature control in chemical experiments or heating processing in food technology, circulating water heaters will bring us a more efficient and safe experimental and production experience.


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