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The Role of Pumps on Industrial Refrigeration Chillers

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The Role of Pumps on Industrial Refrigeration Chillers


The pump is an important auxiliary component in the industrial low temperature refrigeration chiller system, and its function is the refrigeration pump. According to the needs of the industrial chiller system, the pump provides a certain pressure and water volume. The freezing pump is a water pump, also known as a circulating pump. Of course, the freezing pump is not only a pump in the industrial water-cooled chiller system, but the freezing pump can also exist in the air-cooled chiller system. in the cooling water system of the chiller.

The chiller pump can determine the flow of frozen water, that is, the flow of frozen water is not only affected by the size and capacity of the water tank, but also by the frozen pump.

The flow of water can determine the cooling temperature to a certain extent. When the same cooling capacity is transported with chilled water as the refrigerant, the greater the flow of water, the higher the temperature of the cooling capacity.

The condensate pump can control the flow rate of the water, so there is a close connection between the condensate pump and the industrial condensing mechanism. The specific reason for this situation is: when the flow rate of chilled water increases, the cooling capacity of the chilled water per unit area will decrease. Although the total cooling capacity has not changed, the cooling capacity of the chilled water per unit area has decreased. Therefore, if the chilled water flow is large, the cooling effect will be poor and the temperature will increase, but this does not mean that the refrigeration capacity of the compressor and the entire industrial chiller system will be poor.

There are many other relationships between the ice pump and the refrigeration performance of the industrial chiller.

The quick-freezing pump is located in the quick-freezing water system. The quick-freezing water system includes pipelines, quick-freezing water tanks, pumps, etc. The selection of specific parameters and types of quick-freezing pumps has a great relationship with the industrial quick-freezing form, and whether to choose the pump form, Whether the correct parameter form can be selected will directly determine the refrigeration capacity of the industrial chiller, and even whether the industrial chiller can work normally.

The purpose of the freezing pump is to increase the amount of frozen water, and its pressure parameter is a more important parameter. Although it can be divided into many different types of freezing pumps according to the principle of the water pump, centrifugal pumps are generally used, which are suitable for most open, closed or Semi-enclosed industrial chiller!

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