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Low Temperature Refrigerated Chiller Cleaning Frequency

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Low Temperature Refrigerated Chiller Cleaning Frequency


After a period of normal operation, the low-temperature refrigeration chiller requires comprehensive maintenance. Moreover, for many enterprises, due to the weak awareness of daily maintenance, the equipment cannot be effectively maintained after a long period of use. Due to the lack of necessary maintenance knowledge of the industrial chiller, the failure rate of its later operation is very high.

Even if the overall operation quality of the low-temperature refrigeration chiller is good, if the maintenance is not carried out within the specified time, it means that the industrial chiller will have different degrees of failure. Especially for many water-cooled industrial chillers, there will be a wide range of scale problems after long-term operation. If the scale cannot be effectively removed and accumulated for a long time, the scale will expand and directly affect the cooling effect of the industrial chiller. The industrial chiller operates under the condition that the heat dissipation energy is affected, and the large amount of energy consumed by the operation of its equipment will seriously affect the stable operation of the chiller.

In the actual operation process of the industrial chiller, in order to ensure the safety and stability of the operation, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the industrial chiller after half a year of use. In particular, it is necessary to focus on cleaning the parts that are prone to dirt, and rely on various professional cleaning solvents to achieve better cleaning results, so that the industrial chiller has high heat dissipation, and creates a constant temperature for the enterprise in a short period of time. The low temperature environment improves the overall work efficiency of the enterprise.

If the frequency of use is high and the environment is harsh, it can be cleaned in advance to reduce the possibility of various failures of the industrial chiller. Once problems such as increased energy consumption occur, the industrial chiller can be fully cleaned and repaired. Reasonable cleaning and maintenance can prolong the service life of industrial coolers and avoid various failures that affect the safe operation of the equipment.

The specific cleaning time of the industrial chiller should be determined according to the environment used by the enterprise. If the operating environment of the enterprise is relatively clean, the cleaning time can be appropriately extended. Otherwise, the enterprise needs to complete the cleaning work in advance to ensure the stable operation of the chiller and avoid various failures affecting the normal use of the industrial chiller.

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