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Solve the Operating Noise of Industrial Chillers

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Solve the Operating Noise of Industrial Chillers


In the hot summer production activities of enterprises, industrial chillers, as the main product for cooling equipment, run for a long time. Therefore, users often encounter the phenomenon that the noise generated by the refrigeration compressor of the industrial chiller exceeds the normal standard. According to the research on noise and vibration of industrial chiller refrigeration compressors at home and abroad, there are few researches on noise source identification, noise and vibration distribution, noise and vibration characteristics, noise and vibration control, and a complete set of noise and vibration control has not yet been formed. research ideas and R&D system. Usually, the noise test system is used to identify the source of vibration and noise, and then take noise reduction measures. The following measures can also greatly help you understand and solve the problem of chiller noise.

1. On-site dynamic balance method of industrial chiller compressor reduces power frequency vibration.

2. Correct the coaxiality of the chiller motor shaft and the compressor main shaft to reduce vibration.

3. Replace flexible couplings of different forms to reduce the noise of industrial chillers.

4. Fasten parts, improve assembly clearance, reduce bearing vibration, and reduce machine noise.

The main reasons for the abnormal operation sound are loose compressor fastening bolts, poor alignment of the coupling between the compressor and the motor, and poor rotor operation. By checking that the tightness of the tightening bolts reaches the specified value, adjusting the alignment of the coupling, replacing the wearing parts, and adjusting the assembly clearances within the specified value range, the industrial chiller will operate normally.

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