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Refrigeration Recirculating Chiller Performance

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Refrigeration Recirculating Chiller Performance


Performance of Refrigeration Recirculating Chiller:

1. Closed circulation: cooling coils, thermal insulation casings and other closed loop circulation devices.

2. Space saving: compact design, desktop desktop recirculation chiller, vertical recirculation chiller limited by the height of the test bench.

3. Water-cooled chiller: Equipped with a water-cooled chiller, because it does not use a fan to exhaust heat, it has little impact on the environment. It is suitable for indoor use without air conditioning and ventilation equipment, and also suitable for use in clean rooms. The refrigeration system has various protection devices such as time delay, overheating, and overcurrent. All are imported original high-quality components to ensure reliability and service life.

4. Equipped with imported high-pressure pump: the piping size is long, which can smoothly carry out long-distance circulation, cooling or constant temperature external experimental container or establish a second constant temperature field.

5. High-density corrosion-resistant material: The key interfaces of the circulating pump, cooling coil, discharge port and return port that can circulate pure water are all made of stainless steel (SUS304).

6. Type of circulating medium: silicone oil, water, salt water, pure alcohol and other commonly used circulating medium in laboratories.

7. Microcomputer control: Equipped with a microcomputer, it can carry out high-precision control and have various safety performances. All operations are completed by pressing the touch soft key on the microcomputer intelligent controller, and the operation is simple and intuitive.

8. P.I.D. control: try to eliminate external factors that affect the accuracy of temperature adjustment and reduce errors.

9. Outdoor setting type: The device can be set outdoors, which is suitable for factories and research institutes that cannot be set indoors.

10. Energy saving: Equipped with imported inverter compressor, which can be adjusted according to the cycle load and the motor power of the refrigerator.

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