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Recirculating Heater/Chiller for Chemical Reactors

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Recirculating Heater/Chiller for Chemical Reactors


With the development of various industries, reactors can be used in various chemical reactions. With the demand for cold source and heat source, the recirculating heater/chiller supporting the reactor can meet the temperature control requirements of various chemical reactions.

The reaction kettle needs to maintain a certain temperature during the chemical reaction, and different reactions require different temperatures. If the temperature is not accurate enough or fluctuates too much, it will affect the purity and quality of the product, and even affect the process of the reaction. The recirculating heater/chiller can accurately control the temperature of the reactor, improve the stability and precision of the reactor, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the reaction and the quality of the product.

recirculating heater/chiller

In a chemical reaction, high temperature or too low temperature will bring a certain threat to the reactor, which will easily cause explosion or damage of the reactor, and the recirculating heater/chiller can monitor and control the temperature of the reactor in real time to avoid excessive temperature Or the damage and risk to the reactor caused by too low.

The chemical reaction in the reactor requires a certain amount of time and temperature, while the recirculating heater/chiller can quickly heat up and cool down, shorten the reaction time, and increase production efficiency and output.

The recirculating heater/chiller, as the supporting temperature control equipment of the reactor, can improve the accuracy and stability of the reactor, improve the efficiency of the reactor and improve the efficiency of the reactor, thereby promoting the development and progress of the reactor industry.

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