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Reasons for the Increase in Energy Consumption of Industrial Chillers

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Reasons for the Increase in Energy Consumption of Industrial Chillers


1. Install the environment.

As an industrial chiller for large refrigeration equipment, many companies buy it to achieve the effect of rapid cooling, so as to achieve the temperature required for production, such as electroplating, plastics, pharmaceuticals and other industries. If the installation environment is poor, it will increase energy consumption, such as placing the chiller outside. It is suggested that if there is no room for storage equipment indoors, an enterprise can build a computer room outdoors to prevent the failure of the chiller. Fast cooling and efficient production can only be achieved by making preparations before installation.

2. Working too long.

If the industrial chiller runs continuously and works for too long, then it will be as tired as human beings, and the wear and tear of parts will be accelerated. The chiller manufacturer recommends that users should formulate detailed equipment working hours when using industrial chillers. If it is a large-scale workshop, you can choose to install multiple chillers for alternate use.

3. There is a malfunction.

If the cooling effect of the industrial chiller slowly declines, or even does not cool, then all customers should pay attention that this is the time when the chiller fails. If a problem is found, the staff who manage the chiller should immediately check the internal condition of the chiller and repair it in time or contact the chiller manufacturer for repair. If left unchecked, the chiller may be obsolete.

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