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Noise Causes and Solutions of Low Temperature Chillers

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Noise Causes and Solutions of Low Temperature Chillers


There is a wide range of low-temperature chillers used in industry, but the products often have some small problems in practical applications. For example, the products will generate some noise during operation, which has exceeded the standard of normal equipment operation. At present, there are many aspects of research on the vibration and noise of low-temperature chillers at home and abroad.

As a professional industrial chiller manufacturer, our company has carried out various researches and understandings on the vibration and noise generated by low-temperature chillers during operation, and has done a lot on the identification, characteristics, distribution and control of product sound sources. The research and analysis of the low temperature chiller has the whole idea of ​​the research and development system of the low temperature chiller and the product in the operation process. Our company often judges the sound source emitted by the equipment through some identification systems, and then takes shock absorption measures for the equipment according to the actual situation.

In fact, there are many ways to take shock absorption measures for low-temperature chillers. We can achieve the desired effect by adopting the on-site dynamic balance method of the compressor. In addition, the main shaft and motor shaft of the compressor of the industrial chiller are on the same axis. It can also achieve the shock absorption effect, improve the clearance of all parts of the equipment during assembly, and tighten the parts. In addition, the low temperature chiller has problems in operation, which is also the cause of the failure.

In fact, the low-temperature chiller will generate noise during operation. We need to judge whether all the fastening bolts on the components of the low-temperature chiller are loose and whether the coupling of the equipment exists according to its noise phenomenon. In the case of poor operation, we need to check the value of the fastening bolts of each component of the industrial chiller in time, and replace the worn parts in time.

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