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Reasons and Solutions for the Ultra-Low Temperature Chiller not Starting

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Reasons and Solutions for the Ultra-Low Temperature Chiller not Starting


When users use a low-temperature industrial chiller, if they find that the equipment cannot be started, they need to find out the cause of the failure and then solve it. So what are the reasons why the ultra-low temperature chiller cannot be started? How should we solve it?

Reasons why the low temperature chiller cannot be started:

1. During the operation of the ultra-low temperature industrial chiller, if it is found that the equipment cannot be started, first check whether the inlet and outlet pressure values ​​are normal. If the pressure is too small, the equipment may not be able to operate, resulting in the equipment not being able to start.

ultra low temperature chiller

2. The air inlet and outlet of the low-temperature chiller should be effectively controlled, and a special person should record it. Once any abnormality is found, it should be solved in time.

3. If the internal configuration of the ultra-low temperature chiller is abnormal, the user should check its water pump and other accessories in time to see if it is running normally and whether it is in an idling state. condition.

4. The low-temperature industrial chiller needs to be repaired regularly, and the maintenance plan is designated according to the actual situation of the equipment to carry out maintenance work.

5. The ultra-low temperature industrial chiller is equipped with corresponding instruction manuals when it leaves the factory. Some common fault instructions have solutions, and users can solve them according to the corresponding data.

After the low-temperature industrial chiller fails, it needs to wait for the cause of the failure to be detected before running it, so as to avoid the secondary failure of the equipment and increase the cost of the enterprise.

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