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Precautions for the Use of Explosion-Proof Low Temperature Chillers

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Precautions for the Use of Explosion-Proof Low Temperature Chillers


1. High-quality compressors must be selected for explosion-proof ultra-low temperature chillers. The compressor is a very important part. Without it, the chiller cannot operate normally. The quality of the compressor is related to the operation of the entire equipment. Therefore, users must pay attention to the quality of the compressor when purchasing an explosion-proof chiller, and must not ignore it.

explosion proof ultra low temperature chiller

2. There is an automatic water filling device inside the chiller, which does not require manual or other water replenishment equipment. And its water tank is easy to assemble, and the daily maintenance and repair are also very convenient.

3. The operation panel of the ultra-low temperature chiller is equipped with common switches and other necessary equipment such as ammeters and controllers. The operation is very simple and convenient, and it does not require too many operators.

4. Pay attention to the lubricating oil of the equipment. The refrigeration lubricating oil is a medium required for the compressor to work, and whether the refrigeration lubricating oil is normal or not determines whether the low temperature chiller can work normally. Therefore, users should choose high-quality lubricating oil and pay attention to whether all parameters meet the requirements.

5. The user should pay attention to any abnormal noise and vibration of the chiller equipment. During the normal working process, the equipment will inevitably malfunction or noise, or abnormal vibration. Once these phenomena occur, don’t panic. Of course, shut down the machine first, check it later, troubleshoot and deal with the problem, and then start the low-temperature chiller.

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