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New Energy Battery Production Line Chiller

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New Energy Battery Production Line Chiller


Now the manufacturing industry has very high requirements on the quality of battery materials, so the production process has very strict requirements on the cooling effect, stability, environmental performance and long-term operation of the supporting chiller.

In the process of battery production and testing, temperature is an important parameter. If the accuracy does not meet the requirements, the performance of the battery is not guaranteed at all, and it cannot be shipped from the factory and used in all aspects of our lives. Therefore, intelligent chillers must be strictly produced and manufactured in accordance with the quality management system and environmental management system, so what technical requirements do chillers for battery production have?New Energy Battery Production Line Chiller

1. Efficient long-term stable operation and long life, to meet the harsh environment of various battery production;

2. Selection of refrigerants for chillers, R134a, R410A, R407C and other environmentally friendly refrigerants;

3. Stable and reliable electrical components, because it must ensure the stable operation of the machine and control the realization of various functions;

4. Equipped with multiple protection devices, high and low voltage, positive and negative phase protection, it should play a higher performance in actual working conditions;

5. Wide range of cooling capacity and complete specifications, meeting the selection requirements of battery companies;

6. High-quality stainless steel water pump and water tank ensure water quality and realize easy maintenance;

7. Fully enclosed scroll or screw compressors can be used for battery production and provide a low-noise environment;

8. The water pump is an essential configuration of the chiller equipment. Products with a large working range, low noise, reliable performance, and no leakage should be selected.

At this stage, my country’s new energy battery test chillers have an increasing international influence and supply. The production lines of new energy battery production plants are also being updated to meet high-performance battery products and are committed to solving the current cooling requirements of new energy battery production lines. Therefore, the dedicated supporting chiller equipment is also advancing with the times, and at the same time puts forward higher technical requirements for chiller companies.

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