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Liquid Cooling Chiller for Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

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Liquid Cooling Chiller for Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

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The energy storage industry refers to the industry that stores energy in some form and then releases it to supply energy when needed.

In the energy storage industry, there are usually two ways to cool the energy storage system, one is air cooling and the other is water cooling. We will introduce this application below:

Cooling of the energy storage system: The energy storage system will generate a lot of heat during charging and discharging, and a cooling system is required to control the temperature. Chiller equipment can provide a stable source of cooling water for the energy storage system.


Liquid Cooling Chiller for Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)


Energy density test: During the design and development stages of the energy storage system, it is necessary to conduct an energy density test. The ambient temperature and humidity need to be controlled during the test to ensure the accuracy of the test results. Our chiller equipment can provide stable temperature and humidity control for the test environment.

Environmental control: Energy storage systems are usually installed in a closed environment, and the environment needs to be controlled to ensure the stable operation of the energy storage system. Chiller equipment can provide stable temperature and humidity control for energy storage systems, while controlling indoor air quality.

Cooling of other auxiliary equipment: In the operation of the energy storage system, other auxiliary equipment, such as inverters and chargers, are also used, and these equipment also need to be cooled. Our water chiller equipment can provide cooling water source for these devices to ensure their stable operation.

Therefore, in the energy storage industry, our chillers are mainly used for energy storage system cooling, energy density testing, environmental control and cooling of other auxiliary equipment.


Products And Solutions


Model CNYL -45
Cooling Capacity 45KW
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.5℃  Real-time temperature record
Secondary Refrigerant Ethylene glycol antifreeze, fully enclosed design of refrigerant circulation system
Refrigerant R410A
Flow 300L/min~400L/min Set display history
Low Pressure electrical Schneider/Siemens
Display Screen 7 inch color touch screen
Power 380V 50HZ Choose 220V60HZ   460V 60HZ
Shell Material Cold-rolled sheet spray REL7035
Internal Piping SUS304


Model CNYL-5 CNYL-8.5
Cooling Capacity 5KW 8.5KW
Accuracy ±0.5℃  Real-time temperature record ±0.5℃  Real-time temperature record
Minimum water inlet temperature 15℃(Can be customized according to the battery system) 13℃(Can be customized according to the battery system)
System pressure sensor detection Liquid outlet pressure, liquid inlet pressure, refrigeration system high and low pressure
COP *2.0 *2.2
Compressor Hermetic compressor (1 set) 34cm3 /revFully enclosed scroll compressor (1 set)
Refrigerant R410A R410A
Display 7 inch color touch screen 7 inch color touch screen
Ambient operating temperature range -45℃~55℃
Control voltage range 18-32V 18-32V
Refrigeration high pressure maximum power 2.2KW 3.5KW
Refrigeration average input electric power (kW)  +1.5kwadjustable frequency  +2kwadjustable frequency
COP *2.0 *2.2


Model CHDYL-4
Cooling Capacity 4KW
Accuracy ±1℃  Real-time temperature record
Compressor Hermetic compressor (1 set)
Refrigerant R134A
Display 7 inch color touch screen
Control system PLC
Communication CAN
Ambient operating temperature range -45℃~55℃


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