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Introduction of Explosion-Proof Chiller

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Introduction of Explosion-Proof Chiller


Explosion-proof chiller is one of the chillers. Due to the wide range and diversity of chiller applications, it is often used in some fields with flammable dust, gas or chemical industry. At this time, the chiller needs to be explosion-proof in the electric control, motor, fan and other places for safety. Different occasions have different special requirements.

All components of our explosion-proof chillers are manufactured according to national explosion-proof standards. The explosion-proof and anti-corrosion master controller is in accordance with GB3836.1-2000 “General Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments”, GB3836.2-2000 “Flameproof Type “d” for Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments” and GB3836.3-2000 “Explosive Gas Environments” It is designed and manufactured in accordance with the provisions of “e” for increased safety of electrical equipment for gas environments. Can meet the special requirements of customers.

As one of the LNEYA chiller series products, the explosion-proof chiller works the same as the ordinary chiller. The water at room temperature is cooled to a certain temperature by the compressor of the chiller to be used as a stand-alone machine. The cooling device is a built-in fan. There are mainly three Interrelated systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, electrical automatic control system.

The design features of the chiller:

1. Imported brand scroll compressor with high energy efficiency ratio, reliable operation and long service life.

2. Adopt special temperature controller for chiller, with high temperature control precision and stable performance. All-digital Chinese display, connected with external equipment, remote users and control room through RS485 interface, can realize the following multiple control functions (optional):

Multiple protection functions: compressor exhaust over-temperature, motor over-temperature, cold water antifreeze and other temperature protection. Overcurrent, phase loss, reverse equal electrical protection. Refrigerant system high and low pressure, oil level, water cut off and other state protection.

For the above protection functions, necessary maintenance and management functions such as alarm, prompt, record, and retrieval can be set (optional).

Through remote communication, unmanned operation management can be automatically realized according to the predetermined work plan.

3. Select internationally famous brands of thermal expansion valve, solenoid valve, check valve and other control components to ensure efficient and reliable operation of the equipment in a wide range of operating conditions.

The main structure of the chiller:

Air-cooled condenser

The washable air-cooled condenser adopts reinforced heat exchange tubes, and the exclusive design of the subcooling section increases the heat dissipation area. The design pressure of the fluorine side is 30 bar to ensure the safety of the equipment.


Use dry tank coil evaporator/shell and tube evaporator/plate evaporator, choose according to different types, the design pressure of water side is 10 bar. The design pressure on the fluorine side is 25 bar. The evaporator is covered with 50mm thick soft closed-cell rubber-plastic sponge insulation material, which effectively prevents the heat transfer between the evaporator and the outside air of the machine room, and reduces the energy loss.

electrical control system

The main components are imported brand vitality parts to ensure the reliability of equipment operation. The equipment control adopts the special temperature control control of the chiller, which makes the operation easier.

Pump structure: The product adopts an integrated structure of motor and pump body. The motor is a fully enclosed, air-cooled standard motor, and its size conforms to the national design standard. The product pump body is equivalent to a section of pipeline, when the pump is repaired. The pump head of the product is connected to the motor and the pump, and the seal between it and the pump body adopts an O-ring, which solves the function of water leakage in the system.

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