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Maintenance Methods of Air-Cooled Chiller

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Maintenance Methods of Air-Cooled Chiller


1. Maintain daily logs

Maintaining a daily log of operating conditions, including air-cooled chiller pressure and temperature, as well as fluid levels and flow rates, will help predict the likelihood of its potential machine damage. Keeping an air-cooled chiller log sheet is beneficial because it allows preventive maintenance to be planned before actual damage to the equipment occurs.

2. Keep the pipes of the air-cooled chiller clean

Interruptions in the flow of cooling fluid into the condenser tubes can greatly reduce the efficiency of air-cooled chillers in transferring heat in shell-and-tube and brazed plate heat exchangers. Over time, corrosion builds up within its pipes, preventing heat loss.

3. Lower the temperature of the condensate


Lowering the water temperature entering the industrial chiller condenser can improve performance by requiring air-cooled chillers to reduce functionality to provide overall cooling.

4. Check the condenser water circuit

While all air-cooled chillers are closed loop, some of its condensers have water circulation that uses open cooling outlets, such as air cooling towers. Due to its proximity to the environment, water is more susceptible to contamination by biological growth, degradation and scaling, which can reduce overall heat transfer and its quality. Chilled water circuits should be tested and treated for toxins at least annually. Check the cooler’s “Y” filter daily and use an in-line cartridge filter for added safety. For soil or airborne particle buildup, light should be visible through the condenser coil. Use a flashlight to look inside the coils and clean them as needed if they are dusty.

5. Monitor refrigerant leaks

The amount of refrigerant circulating through the air-cooled water chiller compressor determines its cooling rate. Over time, the valve stem can loosen, causing refrigerant to leak. Cooling capacity can also be affected by compressor refrigerant leaks or moisture injected into the system.

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