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How to use the Refrigeration Heating Circulator?

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How to use the Refrigeration Heating Circulator?


The LNEYA refrigeration heating circulator provides users with a liquid environment with a uniform and constant temperature and controlled temperature, which can be used for direct heating or cooling or as a temperature source for auxiliary heating or cooling, such as for reactors, automatic synthesis instruments, extraction and condensation devices. temperature control.

The refrigeration and heating circulator adopts a fully enclosed refrigeration compressor, and the refrigeration system has multiple protection devices such as overheating, overcurrent, and overpressure, and has the function of internal and external circulation. Cooling or constant temperature effect. The refrigeration and heating circulator adopts the brand automatic PID temperature setting program and imported temperature sensor, with high temperature control accuracy, high-precision temperature control technology and U-shaped double circulation system to improve temperature uniformity.

The operation and use of the refrigeration heating circulator:

1. The explosion-proof refrigeration and heating circulator should be matched with a three-phase four-wire air switch. After the power supply protector indicator light is on, the internal power supply of the machine can be turned on.

2. Turn on the power, the controller is in the state of display and all outputs are turned off, press the power button to enter the normal working state.

3. When the temperature is set in the normal display state, click the “Set” button to enter the temperature setting state, the prompt “SP” is displayed on the display window, and the temperature setting value is displayed in the lower row, and the required setting value is modified. back. Then click the “set” button to exit this setting state, and the modified setting value is automatically saved.

4. After the temperature is set, open the “circulation” button, at this time, you can add liquid to the equipment. When using the equipment, you must open the circulation button, and heating and cooling can only work.

The temperature control range of LNEYA refrigeration and heating circulator is from -45℃ to 250℃. It is equipped with a multi-function alarm system and safety function. It adopts a fully enclosed pipe design and a plate heat exchanger with excellent performance, which reduces the demand for heat transfer liquid and improves the heat utilization rate of the system. , to achieve rapid heating and cooling.

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