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How to use the Refrigeration Heating Circulator Correctly?

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How to use the Refrigeration Heating Circulator Correctly?


The principle of the heating and refrigeration circulator is actually not complicated. In simple terms, the heated heat-conducting oil is transported to the product or equipment to be heated through a pump, and then circulated to keep the temperature stable.

1. In order to reduce the energy consumption of the heating and refrigeration circulator, it is necessary to provide a good electricity environment. When the voltage of the electric environment is relatively low, the equipment must increase the consumption of electric energy in order to maintain a stable operating efficiency. Excessive voltage can cause equipment failure and other problems.

2. Providing safe voltage usage conditions is the basic condition for reducing energy consumption. A suitable voltage environment can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the heating and cooling circulator.

3. Make a specific plan for equipment operation: If you want to control the performance and maintain the safety and stability of the system, you need to make a specific use plan. Without a specific plan, the system will be in a state of overload, which will seriously affect product quality.

4. Regular maintenance and repair to keep the equipment stable. As long as the maintenance work is done well, the equipment can be used better and the efficiency will be greatly improved.

5. Since the environment has a great influence on the heat transfer oil heating and refrigeration cycle device, it is necessary to pay attention to the environmental impact of the equipment while ensuring the quality. Under the premise of satisfying the use, it is necessary to reduce the condensing temperature and increase the original cooling tower water to make the cooling water more efficient.

6. If the equipment runs for a long time, the energy consumption is very large. A regulating coil can be installed for the heating and cooling circulator, and the appropriate operating power can be adjusted according to the ambient temperature to keep the equipment within a certain operating power range.

The energy consumption of the heating and refrigeration circulator corresponds to the operating power. Mastering the method of adjusting the operating power of the equipment can control the operating power under the premise of meeting the operating needs of the enterprise.

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